A story of hope or despair?

While the wheels are
busy turning in the big city;

only love will find
a way to keep aflame

A steely determination to be able to go to work or a life lived in the dark?

When darkness raids a heart full of dreams;

only light will open doors to opportunity

A chance to pack a punch with the dark or see the wires of progress being cut

When tricky tasks are strewn across the pathway;

Only rising ambition will ignite an entire village

A story of empathy or just another tale of indifference?

When the buzz of mother nature grows weak;

Only a burning passion to preserve will endure


Flag Mast

There are certain projects which have deadlines that the Bajaj Electricals Team has to strictly adhere to. Come hell or high water, these are projects that have to be completed within the stipulated timelines. The Bajaj Electricals team has erected flag masts at the Siachen base camp where the temperature dips to -40°C, -60°C. Working against all kinds of climatic conditions to meet such time targets, all the machinery and materials had to be transported through heavy snow and biting cold.

Transmission Line Tower

During the floods, the 3-4 km wide Ganga had become a gaping 11 kms wide furiously gushing river. Battling the strong winds and currents with determination, the Bajaj Electricals Team had to carry all their materials and men across these rivers. No matter how critical the weather conditions, the team changed boats twice & completed the project in time.


Kishanganj Bihar

160 villages were lit in one go. A priceless moment for us!

The villagers were ecstatic. Little kids clapped their hands and jumped during the inaugurations. When the local news channel asked them how they felt about electricity finally reaching their village, people began to cry. Once, upon hearing that his village had finally been illuminated by the beams of progress and technology for the first time, an old blind man emotionally said that he had known nothing but darkness his whole life and he always used to feel sad that despite having been born with sight, his children had to live in darkness. But now that Bajaj had electrified his village, at least his children could live with light.


City Illumination

Way back in 2003, Bajaj pioneered the concept of Energy Saving Panels for complete city illumination at the Kharghar node in Navi Mumbai.

Stadium Lighting

With the successful completion of more than 100 Stadium Lighting Projects to its credit, Bajaj Electricals the market leader in Sports Lighting. Bajaj also has to its credit the manufacturing and successful installation of India’s tallest sports lighting mast at the Wankhede stadium, Mumbai.

Power Plant Lighting

More than 65% of India's electricity generation capacity comes from thermal power plants.

Bajaj Lighting illuminates more than half of those thermal power plants across India.


City Illumination

People’s faces beam with happiness when they see light for the first time. One of the biggest reasons is that weddings can finally take place with full celebration in their villages. As shocking as it may sound, villagers refuse to marry their daughters to a boy from a village where there is no electricity.

As a token of their gratitude, for electrifying their villages, villagers often give Bajaj executives bags of vegetables and fruits. Emotional scenes are common in areas that witness the magic of electricity for the first time. With hearts brimming with happiness and eyes with tears of joy, the entire village gathers to celebrate and offer meals of gratitude to the project workers.

Nepal Earthquake

Nepal earthquake of 2015, also called Gorkha earthquake, was a severe tragedy that struck near the city of Kathmandu in central Nepal on April 25, 2015. More than 600,000 structures in Kathmandu and other nearby towns were either damaged or destroyed, getting the beautiful nation to a standstill. Extending their support without any delay, Bajaj Electricals sent its teams to get their power infrastructure up quickly.

Empowering Women

Bajaj Electricals plays a crucial role in empowering women in rural areas. On completing one of our rural electrification projects, an ecstatic woman came out and congratulated the Bajaj executive. According to her, women could now roam around freely after sunset and wouldn’t have to quit their jobs anymore.

School attendance

In our attempt to empower the backbone of your nation, the youth, Bajaj Electricals has been electrifying schools in the rural areas. One of the village’s district magistrate observed that the school attendance had improved by leaps and bounds compared to the previous year. As he thanked the team for their initiative, he said, "Jab se Bajaj walo ne pankha lagaya hai, 10 ke jagah roj 50 bachhe aane lage hai.’

  • 1,700 + kms


  • 25,000 +


  • 4,000


  • 17,00,000 +


  • 7,00,000 +


  • Touched a billion lives